Side Guides Qassiarsuk/Igaliku

Unesco World Heritage KUJATAA hires Site Guides every year for the settlements of Igaliku and Qassiarsuk.

In the period 1st June - 30th September 

The guides get an exciting job where they are responsible for representing the settlement to the guest who come from outside. They will also be responsible for maintaining the reconstructions. They work closely with archaeologists, and are good at telling stories about the settlement's history, agriculture, Kalaallit and Norwegians. 

The guides often work with local tour operators in the village, especially when cruise calls arrives. 

In the recent years, tourism has been increasing significantly in Greenland. It has therefor been important for us to practise the guides before the start of the season. The nature in Greenland can be fragile, which is why it is important to have guidelines that the guides know about. 

We are happy to announce that we have emloyed Aqqaluaq Frederiksen in Qassiarsuk settlement, Tupaarnaq Egede and Arnajaraq Bibi in Igaliku settlement.

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